Brad Sykes

Brad Sykes got his first hi-8 camera at age fifteen, and hasn't stopped shooting since.  Growing up in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Brad made eight features on video (many of which involved Karo syrup, red food coloring and stunts of dubious safety) while still in high school.  He attended Boston University's film program in 1993 and by the time he graduated cum laude in 1997, he had already worked for both Paramount Pictures and Ridley and Tony Scott's Scott Free Productions.  After moving to Los Angeles, Brad continued to work in film in various capacities both here and abroad (a stint at Castel Film, Romania) before landing his first writing-directing job in 1998.   By 2000, he was writing and directing full-time, with many genre credits such as DEMON'S KISS, MAD JACK, and the well-known CAMP BLOOD.  Brad has continued to make his mark in horror with more recent projects like DEATH FACTORY, GOTH, WITHIN THE WOODS and MUTATION.  His films have been distributed worldwide and can be found at rental outlets like Blockbuster and Netflix.  Brad's films have received attention in many publications including Fangoria, The Dark Side, Indie Slate, Rue Morgue, Videoscope, LA Weekly, Mad Movies, and Legacy of Blood: A Comprehensive Guide to Slasher Movies. Brad lives in Los Angeles with his wife, producer Josephina Sykes, where they operate Nightfall Pictures, a full-service development and production company. PLAGUERS is Brad�s latest project. 


Josephina Sykes

Born in Bucharest, Romania, Josephina fell in love with film from a young age, encouraged by her uncle, a Director of Photography for the National Television channel.   Spending her childhood on soundstages and screening rooms created a passion for storytelling that led her to attend the National Film School in 1995.  While there,  she organized international film festivals, worked as a copywriter, and wrote several 35mm shorts.  She also spent a semester at La FEMIS film school in Paris, France in 1998 after being awarded a scholarship by the French Foreign Ministry.  After graduating with a major in screenwriting, she worked for the country's two largest film studios, Castel Film and Media Pro Pictures.  Since relocating to Los Angeles in 2001, Josephina continued to work in film, both as a screenwriter and in production on indie features including BACK BY MIDNIGHT, LORD OF THE VAMPIRES, THE HALFWAY HOUSE and GRAND JUNCTION.   In 2004, together with her husband, writer/director Brad Sykes, founded Nightfall Pictures, a full-service development and production company.  She has since produced four feature films, thriller WITHIN THE WOODS, drama COLD ONES (starring C. Thomas Howell and Geoffrey Lewis) and the sci-fi actioner MUTATION.  PLAGUERS, starring Steve Railsback, is her latest film as Producer. 



Scott Spears
Director of Photography

Scott Spears has been working in film and video production for over twenty years.  He started out making working with Super-8, making short comedies and horror films with his friends.  He has shot over twenty feature films, numerous short films, commercials and music videos.  Scott won an Emmy Award for his photography on the short film, "The Birthmark" which aired nationally on PBS. Among Scott's more recent projects have the boxing drama, "The King of Irontown," the snow boarding drama "White Air" featuring Riley Smith, Dominique Swain and Tom Sizemore and the drama "Cold Ones" with C. Thomas Howell.



Scott Enge
Production Designer

Scott Enge received his bachelor of Architecture from Virginia Tech, where he also minored in Building Construction and Industrial Design.  During that time he also worked on homes as a carpenter, doing everything from foundations and framing, to roofing and finishing.  His ten year career in the Architecture and home construction industry culminated in a forty five hundred square foot custom home in north east Pennsylvania, which he designed, drew the blueprints, oversaw the construction, and also did much of the work himself. Scott then moved to Los Angeles where he's worked as a Production Designer ever since, and has already built up a large filmography.  He is currently a member of the Artctors Guild, local 800, part of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees.


Terry Michael Huud

 Terry Michael Huud is an award winning composer who operates his own recording studio in Hollywood California where he composes and experiments in a variety of musical styles and techniques. His work covers wide released theatrical feature films for Miramax/Dimension Films and others, television series', television specials, many documentaries, commercials, art exhibits and multi-media events. His work is a permanent addition to the Smithsonian Institutes music archives listed under "The Art of Illusion".

Vicky Avery
Costume Designer

Vicky Avery was born February 3, 1963 in Battle Creek, Michigan.  She learned to sew at an early age, improving her skills through high school, then continuing her education at the Institute of Merchandising & Design in Lansing, Michigan. Finding the mercantile nature of fashion design creatively stifling she turned her attention to theater.  She designed and built costumes for local theaters working her way up the ranks of regional theaters, including Studio Arena Theater in Buffalo, New York.  She also worked at New Mexico's prestigious Santa Fe Opera.  A coastal shift from East to West found her at the Los Angeles Opera in California.  The move to California provided the opportunity to break into the film industry.  Vicky has worked for several special effects costume companies.  Most recently she has created many costumes for film and TV at the costume house of Muto- Little.  Her work can be seen in such films as The Island, Dodgeball: a True Underdog Story, Seraphim Falls, Tropic Thunder as well as costumes for theatrical shows including Mamma Mia and Spamalot. Her screen design credits include The Halfway House, as well as Plaguers.



Brad Jacques

Brad Jacques was born and raised in Topsfield, Massachusetts.  Upon seeing "STAR WARS" at the age of eight, Brad knew he wanted to pursue filmmaking.

After taking several filmmaking classes at New York University, Brad began working as a Production Assistant in the Boston area on films such as "MERMAIDS", "HOUSESITTER" and "SCHOOL TIES". Eventually, Brad became one of the "go to" Assistant Editors in New England, working on many films including "THE MAN WITHOUT A FACE", "BLOWN AWAY" and "TRUE LIES".

  In 1999, Brad moved to Los Angeles and became an Editor on several independent films.  "PLAGUERS" represents Brad's 13th feature film as an Editor and his 3rd collaboration with Director Brad Sykes.